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Meet Dr. Kevin Smith

Dr. Kevin Smith

A Passion For Chiropractic

Dr. Kevin Smith’s passion for chiropractic began after receiving help for pain and numbness following a car accident. At age 16, he was having pain, numbness and tingling in his right hand that would not go away. After three and half years of dealing with this pain, a coworker referred him to a chiropractor. “He explained what was wrong, gave me a plan of care, and helped me regain my health. It was this experience that influenced me to go to Palmer College of Chiropractic years later.”

“My passion continues with each opportunity that presents itself to educate our patients and the community about the benefits of a healthy nervous system and its effects on our daily lives. The ability to take a patient from where they are suffering today…to enjoying their family and life again empowers me to share the power of chiropractic with everyone.”

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